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Ex-Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham gets butt injections while donning neon green thong in graphic video

TEEN Mom alum Farrah Abraham is getting more body enhancements, which will supposedly stand the test of time.

Wearing just a neon green lace body suit she posted about a new butt injection product in a revealing Instagram video, claiming it holds up for five years.

The 28-year-old MTV star wrote: "#Skinnygirlproblems no more!"

Farrah, now a porn star, went to cosmetic injector Doctor Heather for the treatment.

The mom to 10-year-old Sophia said in the video "Doctor Heather here has a trick that is better than any booty injection that I've had."

It's called Renuva, and Farrah called it 'magic.'

She said it's amazing "because my other injections normally last around two years."

"I've had injections last about three to four years, so I'm super happy that Renuva, this new product, is lasting five years!"

Because the treatment lasts so long, Dr. Heather called it a permanent injection.

The Las Vegas doctor said the product gives you a 'nice, tight round' bottom that just enhances, 'what you already had.'

She added that with the product, the body makes its own fat in the injected area and as well as some blood vessels.

For Farrah, Dr. Heather focused on the upper part of her bottom saying the injection will give it more volume and 'smooth out the outer hip area.'

She added: Renuva works as "freeze-dried fat which we can inject, and it's going to regenerate her own fat and her own blood vessels which is going to make it look very useful and plump.'

Before injecting Farrah, Dr. Heather added the freeze-dried fat actually comes from humans, not cows.

She said: "It's actually human-donated fat that has been stripped of all its DNA, all live cells, everything that people are worried about."

And the product is FDA approved, Dr. Heather explained.

She said: 'it's safe to inject' without causing reactions for patients.

Over the years, Farrah has been been very candid about going under the knife for cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery including lip fillers, a boob job and a new nose.

She also had a chin implant, which she later removed.

Farrah also recently shared a video of her vaginal rejuvenation procedure.

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