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Ex-Speaker John Bercow admits to ‘losing his cool’ but denies bullying


EX-Speaker John Bercow has admitted losing his cool in the Commons.

He confessed to mistakes and being easily angered.

But he claimed: “I don’t think I bullied anyone, anywhere, in any way, at any time.”

He told BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions: “Did I occasionally lose my rag in the chamber? Was I irascible? Yes, of course.”

A Tory MP fumed: “He can deny the bullying allegations all he likes but what we saw in the chamber wouldn’t be accepted in any workplace.”

Mr Bercow, 57, also told of his frustration at being the first Speaker in 200 years not to be considered for a peerage by the Government.

His name was put forward by Jeremy Corbyn but has been rejected over concerns about his “propriety”.

He said: “I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t matter.

“I’ve obviously made a lot of enemies and know there are people with agendas who think I’m not the sort of chap who should go to the Lords.”

Mr Bercow also said President Trump was “batting for bigots . . . because he’s a bigot himself”.

He added: “He’s the most rancid, racist and repellent occupant of the White House in my lifetime.”

He would not comment on reports that bullying claims are being probed by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

Ex-Black Rod Lt Gen David Leakey said: “I’m sure he will continue to insist his innocence.”

John Bercow calls man 'bigoted' before hiding behind his assistant in Waterstones after man claims he threw role of speaker into disrepute

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