An ex prisoner has written a moving poem to the drug support team who saved his life.

Nurses at the Cairn Centre, in Dundee, helped turn the man’s life around and give him a new focus.

He was suffering from Hepatitis C and had nowhere to turn having just left prison.

As a thank you, he penned the heartwarming poem to show his appreciation for what staff there had done for him.

Brian Stephens, an Outreach Nurse Specialist, shared the poem on the Tayside NHS Facebook page.

The Cairn Centre, in Dundee.

It said: “I walked into the Cairn Centre, to collect a bag of tools,

“I got talking to a staff member, they said they had some jewels,

“That came in the form of tablets, and were used to cure Hepatitis C,

“I’d had a positive test myself, so I wanted to be set free.

“They signed me up right away, so my journey could begin,

“I picked my meds up daily, so happy I could sing,

“Eight weeks later I was told, that I was now clear,

“The Cairn Centre had saved my life, by adding to it years.

“They also helped me publish, all the poems I wrote in jail,

“They made me feel accomplished, when before I felt I failed,

“Before I had felt worthless, now my self worth had been fixed,

“The Cairn Centre is amazing, with their magic box of tricks!”