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Ex EastEnders star John Altman admits he can’t find love as women think he’s Nasty Nick


FORMER soap star John Altman has revealed playing the role of EastEnders' Nasty Nick makes it difficult for him to find love.

John, 68, played the role of Nick Cotton for 20 years on and off, and claims he can't escape the bad boy character.

Speaking openly about trying to find someone special, John explained: "I’ve debated whether to join a dating site. What’s putting me off is, people can get confused and think they’re getting a date with Nasty Nick.

"They take one look and don’t know if I’m going to bite their head off. So they think, 'Maybe I won’t approach him, just to be on the safe side'."

He added to The Mirror: "I’d love to find a soulmate. You get a bit more fussy as you get older and don’t want to date someone just for the sake of it.

"But I’m going about it the natural way rather than online at the moment."

The actor added that he has a few criteria that women need to meet too.

"Blimey, it’s quite a list really. Blonde hair and blue eyes. Petite and good sense of humour," he revealed.

"A love of the arts, music, movies and swimming - that’s very important. Fastidious, tidy. And a love of the great outdoors. Adventurous spirit. It’s not too tall an order, is it?"

And when he does meet a lucky lady to wine and dine, John thinks he'd be fun to go on a date with.

"Something I’ve learned over the years is to listen to the other person and not talk about yourself all the time," he said.

"I’d open the door for a lady, pull her chair out, and obviously foot the bill. Hopefully I’d make them laugh a little with a few anecdotes."

John was previously married to Bridgette Poodhun, but sadly they divorced in 1997. He has one daughter.

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