Caged hate preacher Abu Hamza has claimed his teeth are falling out in prison as he tries to get sent back to the UK.

The hooked-handed fanatic, 63, says he is falling apart in a US Supermax jail.

A former imam at Finsbury Park mosque in London, Hamza is serving life for terrorism offences in the prison dubbed Hellcatraz.

But he wants to swap his 7ft-by-12ft cell for one in Britain.

He claims his fillings are dropping out, leaving him with a series of infections and in need of urgent medical treatment.

And he blamed his legal team for not doing enough to raise his objections and secure him a return to the UK to get the medical help he claims that he needs.

Hamza is hoping to use health issues to get a transfer back to the UK
Hamza is hoping to use health issues to get a transfer back to the UK

In a 128-page complaint document, Hamza said US authorities had failed to provide him with adequate disabled facilities in prison as promised to the British Government.

In a statement, Hamza’s family moaned: “The Americans are leaving him in there to rot like dead meat.

“They are not treating him. They don’t care about him. The authorities want him to die in there hence why they don’t address his issues.

“It is their hope that by doing this he will pick up an illness that will cause his death.”

Last month, Hamza said he was going blind. He said he often injures himself on his cell’s concrete furniture as he cannot see.

The cleric claims he requires laser eye treatment as continued exposure to dimmed light has damaged his vision.