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Evil mom took cash from wealthy pedo to let him abuse daughter, 15, and take nude photos of her on his yacht

A MOM took cash from a wealthy pedophile to let him abuse her 15-year-old daughter and take nude photos of the girl on his yacht, a court heard.

William Wellington Hooper has now been convicted of conspiracy to produce child sex abuse images and the enticement of a child, say reports in Virginia.

The 53-year-old first lured the teen with promises of helping her become a model but then coerced her into letting him take “numerous” nude photos, prosecutors claimed.

Hooper - who founded an oyster business - faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years to life when he is sentenced at the beginning of next year.

“We would like to acknowledge justice for the victims...who cooperated with information which was paramount in ridding this community of a dangerous predator,” said the The Mathews County Sheriff’s Office

Hooper approached the girl in April 2019 about becoming a model, the court was told.

His co-conspirator - the victim’s mother - then proceeded to take nude photos of the teen and sent them to him.

The woman, who has pleaded guilty to producing child abuse images, also drove the girl to Hooper’s yacht, where he coerced her into taking more nude photos and to perform a sex act.

The underage girl was later paid $50 by Hooper, The Daily Press reported.


The child’s mother also received hush money for letting the wealthy pedophile rape her daughter, say the reports.

The young victim is now said to be receiving counseling after her horrific ordeal.

Prior to his conviction, Hooper’s lawyer claimed his client was “a victim.”

“He has done absolutely nothing wrong. I’ve seen zero evidence that Mr Hooper committed any crime whatsoever,” the attorney reportedly said.

After his arrest, police searched his yacht and found evidence of “graphic material,” according to the Charlotte Observer.

The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia said on Monday that the mother “recruited other minor girls to participate in what Hooper called ‘teen modeling.'”

“He promised these children, whose families were struggling financially, that they would be compensated."

It is not clear if federal authorities are planning more charges against Hooper or if they have identified additional victims.

Hooper is scheduled to be sentenced in February 2021, while the mother will be reportedly be sentenced in October.

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