Great Britain

Evening Holsteins' ‘sexy young cow’ tops at AgriScot

SuperCow (Judge, S. Donald, Featherston, New Zealand) Supreme, Evening Hill Farm, Whinchat Snowy Tippy 2 (Holstein); reserve, J, Lochhead, Kedar Rosa (Brown Swiss).

SuperHeifer (S. Donald) Sup., B.G. Yates and Son, Logan Estate Jazz (Holstein); res., E. and E.T. Tomlinson and Son, Allstar Triclo Joybell (Ayrshire).

Red and White (S. Donald) Sup., B.G. Yates and Son, Logan Integral Jodie Red 3; res., J. and G. Lawrie, Redsky Ladd Delight Red; sup heifer, S. Yates, Rockset Integral Rae Red; res. heifer, B. Weatherup and Partners, Pinupgirl Awesome Sangria Red.

Jersey (S. Donald) Sup., P. Manning and E. Murray, Windyridge Tequila Diamond; res., H. Buchanan and Son, Tintoview Tequila Blondie.

sup. heifer, P. Manning, Glanmor Impression Volvic; res. heifer, I.W. Heuchan, Bayview Tequilla Prance 20.

Holstein (S. Donald) Sup., Evening Hill Farm, Whinchat Snowy Tippy 2; res., D. and C. Jones, Aliann Mincio Kitty; sup. heifer, B.G. Yates and Son, Logan Estate Jazz; res. heifer, Whinhill Icow and Huddlesford, Beechview Solomon Lavish.

Ayrshire (S. Donald) Sup., E. and E.T. Tomlinson Son and I. Wilson, Allstar Provider Honesty; res., A. and S. Lawrie, Cuthill Towers Harrys Miss Blondie; sup. heifer, E. and E.T. Tomlinson and Son, Allstar Triclo Joybell; res. heifer, L. Window-Walker, Hunnington Reality Bella.

Any other breed (S. Donald) Sup., J. Lochhead, Kedar Rosa (Brown Swiss); res., R. and S. McColm, Soulseat Jublend Beatrice (Brown Swiss); sup. heifer, Toi Toi Genetics, Kedar Aurora (Brown Swiss); res. heifer, B. Lawson and Sons, Lismulligan Gay 76 (British Friesian).

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