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EuroVision: Why is Flo Rida part of the San Marino entry and will he be there in the final?

EuroVision time is finally upon us and all eyes are on San Marino and their rather unexpected guest star.

After a year away due to the coronavirus pandemic, the EuroVision Song Contest returns on Saturday (22 May) with 26 artists representing their country in the grand final. You can find all the acts competing here.

In order to reach the final, acts must first get through the semi-final stage. One country that Eurovision fans are rooting for is San Marino and singer Senhit with her track “Adrenalina”. Senhit previously represented the country in 2011 and was due to perform for San Marino at last year’s cancelled event.

Setting San Marino apart this year is the surprise addition of US rapper Flo Rida to the track.

The “Wild Ones” rapper appears on the official recorded version of “Adrenalina”, but whether he will actually appear at Eurovision is yet to be determined based on travel restrictions between the US and The Netherlands.

While having an American musician perform at EuroVision may seem unusual, the competition does not have nationality rules preventing people from representing countries other than their own. Senhit herself was born in Italy, but represents San Marino.

During rehearsals, Senhit performed with another rapper, who may perform in Flo Rida’s place on the night or could just have been a temporary stand in. However, the official Eurovision blog reported that the graphics on the screen behind Senhit bore Flo Rida’s name, suggesting that he is intending to perform.

Some Twitter users have claimed that the rapper has been spotted in Rotterdam, where the final is taking place, this week. However, this is unconfirmed.

The Eurovision Song Contest airs on Saturday 22nd May at 8pm on BBC One.

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