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Euros 2020: Asda is selling two packs of beer for £20 including Stella and Peroni

IF you're planning to watch the Euros 2020 this afternoon and your friend is looking a bit empty, you might want to head to Asda.

The supermarket is doing a deal where you can choose any two of 13 different crates of beer and pay just £20.

How many bottles or cans you will end up will depend on your brand preference, with the crates ranging between 10 and 20 lagers.

Before you buy, it's worth shopping around for your preferred beer as lots of supermarkets have deals available tied into the football.

Here's all the beers in the Asda offer, as well as whether we could find them any cheaper.

Grolsch Premium Pilsner - buy now

We found Grolsch available for 1p cheaper at Iceland (£9.99), or the same cost as Asda at Waitrose.

Budweiser Lager - buy now

Asda's was the cheapest Budweiser deal we could find online.

Bud Light Lager - buy now

While there were plenty of deals on Bud Light, Asda was the cheapest place we could find online.

Carling Lager - buy now

We found the same crate of Carling for 1p less (£9.99) at Morrisons.

Stella Artois Belgium Premium Lager - buy now

If you want your Stella Artois in a bottle you can shave a penny off the price and pay just £9.99 in Morrisons.

But if you prefer cans there are also decent deals available.

The two cheapest places are Asda where you can by 18 x 440ml cans for £13.97 or Tesco which is selling the same crate at the same price.

Carlsberg Lager - buy now

We found the same crate of Carlsberg for 1p less (£9.99) at Morrisons, but it is currently out of stock.

Iceland were matching the Asda £10 price, but the crate is out of stock there too.

Unless more Morrisons stock comes in, Asda is the cheapest price you'll get at the moment.

Strongbow Original Cider - buy now

Once again you could beat the Asda price and pay a penny less if you went to Morrisons where the crate costs £9.99.

Tesco also matched Asda's £10 price, but only for club holders, you'd pay more if you didn't have a clubcard.

Camden Hells Lager - buy now

Asda had the joint lowest price for Camden Hells alongside Sainsbury's where you can get 12 bottles for £12, which works out at the same cost per beer.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro - buy now

If you want to drink your Peroni in a bottle then Asda is the cheapest price. Tesco match the cost per beer, but only for its Clubcard holders with other shoppers paying more.

If you're prepared to switch to cans you can save a penny at Iceland. The discounter is doing crates of ten 330ml cans for just £9.99.

Birra Moretti Premium Lager - buy now

Asda had the cheapest Birra Moretti price we could find anywhere online.

Desperados Original Tequila Flavoured Beer - buy now

We found Desperados available for 1p cheaper at Iceland (£9.99), Asda was in second place for cost.

Sol Lager - buy now

£10 for 12 bottles is the cheapest price for Sol you will find but several supermarkets are matching Asda.

You can get the same deal at Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, and Iceland.

If you shop with Ocado or Tesco you'll pay slightly more.

Kronenbourg 1664 Lager - buy now

Asda was by far the cheapest option if you want your Kronenbourg in a bottle.

If you prefer a can, the best place to shop was Asda or Ocado where you can get a crate of 15 440ml tins for just £14.

The best deals supermarkets and chains are offering to celebrate the Euros.

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