Dick Strawbridge and wife Angel Adoree have spoken about their "safety concerns" as the popularity of their Channel 4 series continues to grow.

The pair have undertaken the revamp of a 19th-century chateau with their successes and failures being documented in Escape to the Chateau.

As they work to bring the property back to its former glories, it has seen an increase in visitors as people want to see how they are getting on first-hand.

Dick, 61, and wife Angel, 43, have said that it is a huge task breathing new life into their dream French mansion but they were not sitting comfortably with being described as a "celebrity couple".

Dick and Angel Strawbridge have opened a door to their lives with Escape To The Chateau (


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Dick said: "We are very normal and that’s the secret; people can see themselves in us.

"Viewers can see our relationship reflected in their own lives. We are definitely not a celebrity couple in our world."

He then joked: "My mum would clip my ear if I acted like a b****y idiot!"

Despite not wanting to embrace the world of celebrity, Dick and Angel knew that the TV series would give them some level of fame.

With this in mind, they refused to allow the show to be on French television as they worried that might see the amount of visitors go through the roof and their privacy would never be returned.

Despite this, they said there were still a number of tourists visiting Martigné-sur-Mayenne to see their restoration efforts.

This has meant that the couple have had to get tough with some visitors who "over-stepped the mark" on several occasions leading to them being asked to leave.

Speaking about these situations, Angel said: "Firstly, there is an issue of safety.

"If the kids are outside playing, no one would want strangers coming on to their land."

Dick and Angel want to keep their family life away from the public

She added: "And then sometimes we are doing really silly things like wearing a floppy unicorn hat on the trampoline, and you do want a bit of privacy!"

Despite having to take a firm hand, the couple said that they are never rude to those who turn up, even if it can be uncomfortable.

Angel continued: "When that has happened, Dick has politely asked them to leave.

"We have never been horrible to anyone who has turned up here, but if somebody is in your house they have to behave."

Dick and Angel Strawbridge have said they had to get tough with some visitors (


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Dick added: "And walking down the steps into our entrance hall, that is not acceptable I am afraid!"

This was to do with an incident when a family decided to have a look around the private rooms in the chateau.

Dick admitted: "To be fair, we have opened ourselves up to allow people to follow our story, so really it is not a big problem."

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