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Escape to the Chateau’s Dick and Angel horrified as tour guests make a run for it and dash into private rooms

ESCAPE to the Chateau’s Angel Adoree and husband Dick Strawbridge have become real fan favourites since the plucky couple first hit our screens. 

Engineer Dick, 62, and designer Angel, 43, upped sticks and left the UK for a better life in France with their two kids, Arthur and Dorothy, in 2015. 

And it looks like the adorable family have loved every minute of their adventure restoring the crumbling Château de la Motte-Husson. 

However, speaking about their time on the hit Channel 4 show, Dick and Angel recently revealed some of the pitfalls of inviting the public into their lives. 

In an interview with the Telegraph, they opened up about one time when guests decided to have a little poke around the stately digs and wandered into their private quarters. 

It seemed like the guests hadn’t made a genuine mistake and properly fancied having a gawp at the Strawbridge family in their natural habitat - as if they were on a David Attenborough documentary. 

Detailing the experience of rumbling the visitors trying to catch a glimpse of rooms that are off-limits to the public, Angel said: "When that has happened, Dick has politely asked them to leave. We have never been horrible to anyone who has turned up here, but if somebody is in your house they have to behave”. 

"And walking down the steps into our entrance hall, that is not acceptable, I am afraid,” Dick chimed in. 

Later on in the interview, the pair responded to allegations they’d “bullied” people working for Spark Media, the production company responsible for the first four seasons of the programme. 

Several former crew members reported to the Times that Dick and Angel were “aggressive and abusive” during shooting. 

Angel explained: "If you asked every single person on our team, they would all say that Dick is completely chivalrous. He will always be that person opening doors, helping people, and if anyone upsets me, he will be the first person to take control of the situation. He is very protective. 

"These anonymous people – we don't know who they are – we probably only met once. One of them, the main one we think, we only met for a couple of hours. 

"The people who were here for any length of time were family; the kids knew them and we really opened up our world to them, so you can imagine that it felt very sad to read a lot of that stuff”. 

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