An outdoor interactive game which made its debut in Dublin is now to launch in Newcastle with the aim of turning the city into a giant playground.

The Big Escape sets players a series of challenges and tasks them with solving puzzles and cracking codes in order to be the first to break into a casino and flee with the loot.

The Big Escape game is GPS-activated and involves teams of up to four players who download an app and use their phone's GPS map to locate a character called Dan Rooney and then meet his pre-filmed team of criminal masterminds who can provide them with tips on how to pull off a heist at Big Al's casino.

In Newcastle, the game will start at Old Eldon Square and then play out across the city. The characters at hand to offer help in gaining access to the casino safe will include Jack Potts - the 'man on the inside' - as well as safe-crackers and hackers.

Once players blow open the safe, they will have 15 minutes to escape with the loot while 'the cops' will be setting up roadblocks. Wheels is their getaway driver.

Mark French, director of Dublin company Creative Events which is behind the new gaming experience, said: "As the North East's biggest city, it makes perfect sense to bring the game to Newcastle.

"It’s a great outdoor activity for team-building and exploring the city in a fun way.

"We believe it will not only appeal to people who live and work in Newcastle but also to the huge number of visitors to the city."

The game can be played any time and at players' own pace and Mark said that this and the game's "smooth technology" have been proving a hit with those taking part.

He added: "Starting at Old Eldon Square, the interactive experience turns the city centre into a giant playground by bringing together the physical and digital worlds into a new easy-to-use group gaming activity."

The company has plans to roll out the game to more than 50 other locations. For more information and to book tickets, £14, to The Big Escape in Newcastle see here.