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Erika Jayne seen out for the first time in Bel Air since accused of ‘lying & contradicting herself’ on RHOBH reunion

ERIKA Jayne was seen for the first time in Bel Air since she had been accused of "lying and contradicting herself" on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills reunion.

 Erika, 50, was spotted out and about on a stroll in the Bel Air area.

The Real Housewives star wore a blue outfit, which had drawings of tigers stitched into the fabric, and carried with her a fancy handbag. 

Her long blonde hair was parted in the middle. 

She strutted across the green grass in her high heel sandals.

The RHOBH star appeared to be heading towards a nearby mansion. 


Back in July, Erika and her ex-husband Tom Giardi, 82, were accused of stealing settlement funds, which were intended for the families of victims killed in a 2018 plane crash.

Court papers seen by The Sun showed how Erika's company was allegedly given more than $25million by her ex's legal firm, which has now filed for bankruptcy, and has asked her to pay it back.

She repeatedly denied knowing anything about her husband's finances during their marriage and mentioned that the money was not for her.

Erika filed for divorce from Tom back in November 2020.


Back in September, during the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills reunion host Andy Cohen, 53, asked the TV star about her estranged husband’s legal scandal. 

While discussing her financial situation, she told Andy: “I was not in charge of my finances. I walk out, he cuts my credit cards, what am I going to do then?” 

Andy then fired back: “I know what you make on the show and it’s not bad. That couldn’t have funded your lifestyle?”

She continued: “I gave every paycheck to my husband. Since I started working and making money, I handed every paycheck over to him as soon as I got it. 

“The power balance was way out of whack, I trusted this man. I didn’t stay because of how much money he had, I stayed because I could not access my money.”

Andy interrogated her: “Did you know there was a liability when you left him? Did you feel like the ship was sinking and you had to get out on time?”

She replied: "I felt he was sinking. Not necessarily the ship. There was no talking to this person, answering my questions. 

“He was shutting me out completely with so much anger. We’ve all seen how horrifyingly he’s deteriorated since I left him.”


After watching how Andy grilled her on the ongoing fraud scandal, RHOBH fans accused Erika of “lying" and contradicting herself.”

One RHOBH fan insisted that the TV personality was “lying through her teeth” 

Another RHOBH fan wrote: “Andy looking at Erika crazy because she’s lying. “

A third critic claimed: “Erika up here lying like a dog. A lowdown dirty, dirty dog."

A fourth viewer added: “Erika just up there lying. It is embarrassing to watch.”

Erika Jayne says she had to 'give EVERY paycheck' to ex Tom Girardi and have NO access to cash amid fraud claims

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