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Entwistle Hotel is a friendly local pub

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The Entwistle

Address of the pub:

15 Entwistle Street, Darwen.

Landlord/landlady’s name(s):

Craig Rustidge

Bar staff - how many and names:

Three, Owen Woods, Maureen Doherty and Diane Lambert.

Explain the history of the pub:

The pub was built in the late 1800s and was used for Darwen Town Council meetings in the early 1900s.

Is food served? If yes what’s on the menu?

We have our wonderful homemade pies made by my bar staff Diane Lambert.

Is there a beer garden?

Yes we have two.

Do you have any darts/snooker/pool teams?

Yes we have four pool teams and four darts teams.

Most popular drink served is:

John Smiths - bitter.

Most memorable moment for the pub was:

Winning the management of the year runner up award for Bravo Inns.

Do you have an entertainment line up?

We have live entertainment at the end of every month this includes DJs and live artists.

Have you faced any challenges within the industry?

Covid 19 is the biggest challenge we are all facing and the pub industry is in doubt right now.

The best thing about running a pub is…

The community....the people who come into the pub to socialise because this is their hub.

The worst thing about running a pub is…

Nothing. I have been doing it for 21 years and I still love it like when I started. To run my own pub is what I always wanted to do and I grabbed my opportunity.

The perfect cure for a hangover is...

My perfect hangover cure is listening to my customers day in day out talk about their lives, a perfect hangover cure, haha!

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