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Enjoy a break at the blue orb-shaped Futuro House in Somerset

IS there life on Mars? Is the truth out there? And what actually is ET’s home phone number?

Even Mulder and Scully don’t have the answers to those mysteries — but there is one puzzle I can solve. The aliens HAVE landed.

Their spaceship has been found in Frome, Somerset. And what’s more, you can spend the night in it.

Nestled beneath trees next to a glittering lake, the blue orb-shaped Futuro House looks out of this world.

As an airplane-style hatch opens and stairs lower to the grass, I picture smoke snaking from the doorway and can almost hear the chimes of the Close Encounters theme tune. Doo-do-do-doo-dooooo!

Fortunately, there are no nefarious aliens on board. Of course, the Futuro is not actually a spaceship but a quirky holiday home in ­Marston Park. It was designed by the Finnish architect Matti Suuronen back in the Sixties.

He went on to make 100 of them. Just 69 are left in the world — some perished, the rest owned by private collectors. The bright, pop culture-inspired building is more like a large sculpture than a house.

Before it landed in Frome, the Futuro travelled to London’s Central Saint Martins College and Matt’s Gallery, as well as to the French port of Le Havre, to be marvelled at by art buffs.

Now, in its new home in Somerset, the blue pod is welcoming guests for the rest of the summer. It feels much bigger on the inside, with two cosy sleeping cabins, both with double beds (although one is quite small) and a large living space.

The interior is every sci-fi fan’s dream. Walls are sleek, white and curved, matched with vintage lighting and mustard seating.

Of course, the Futuro is not actually a spaceship but a quirky holiday home in ­Marston Park.

Emma Clifford

There are no straight edges (even the inner door is egg-shaped).

Surrounding the kitchen are four comfy lounge chairs, which can transform into beds. There is also a private toilet and shower — although not actually inside the vessel.

As we roam around the peaceful woodland, birds humming on every side and nature at our fingertips, it is easy to see why Marston Park has pitched itself as a “playground” for creative types.

Guests are given easels, paints and a guitar when they stay in one of the bell tents on the opposite side of the lake, which double as art and music studios.

There are life-drawing classes and gong-bath workshops as well as regular exhibitions and woodland yoga classes.

Guests can explore the calm water of the lake by boat and soak up views from the lakeside hot tub.

As the evening draws in, the white lights inside our spaceship beam out from the windows, making the entire thing glow eerily.

Emma Clifford

A food truck serves high-end seasonal grub from menus that change daily.

We tuck into meat and vegan “chilli dawgs”, and tomahawk steaks, served with amazing Korean fried cauliflower and coleslaw.

From a large tent, music is blaring and arms are waving.

Daytime and evening entertainment is usually provided by musicians who are staying here and tonight summer tunes are being spun out by DJ Carly Wilford.

Some local ciders and freshly shaken cocktails from a horsebox bar keep us fuelled and on our feet. Then, back in our orb-like home — and clearly inspired by the creative atmosphere of the place — we decide to make our own short movie featuring a green killer alien that loves hip-hop.

We are already planning the sequel. ­Steven Spielberg, eat your heart out . . . 

As the evening draws in, the white lights inside our spaceship beam out from the windows, making the entire thing glow eerily. Revellers returning after a night of dancing stop to stare.

“Is it really going to take off, Mummy?” a gobsmacked child asks.

The answer is yes. If you fancy a night in it, you better be quick, as it could be flying off to a new destination by the end of the year.


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