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England vs New Zealand Live: England chasing 296, cricket score and update from third test

Kane Williamson previews England-New Zealand's third test

EnglandandNew ZealandSet up yet another test Grand stand finish after the third day of seesawNew Zealand 137 came forward and picked up five wickets overnight

The series was much more appealing due to the swaying momentum of the two offensive teams, and this headingley test follows the pattern of the game at Rosebridge and Trentbridge, both taking turns. New Zealand controls Saturday as Kane Williamson approaches the measured half-century before Matthew Potts, Joe Root and Jack Ruetsch each pick up the ticket gates in the evening session to control the host. It looked like it was.

If England can chase New Zealand's total in 4 innings, it will complete the 3-0 series Whitewash and the perfect start to the new regime of captainBen Stokesand head coach. Cut off. Brendon McCullum

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Video: Lee runs out in a miserable way

When Alex Leeds runs out after some misunderstanding And how England lost the first ticket gate of the day.


SIX. England 100-2 (Pope 36 *, Route 22 *) Target 296

The final session is said to have been extended to 6:49 pm to make up for the lost time yesterday. increase. So I had one hour and a quarter of the cricket left. England was able to make a real dent in the target then, or vice versa.

Wagner has stepped over the no-ball. This is his second inning, but the rest of the overs are very tidy as he continues to hold the line patiently outside the stump.

To the last ball when the route descends to one knee andSIX significantly reverse sweeps / ramps the third man. Absolutely extraordinary-what a player. 100UPThe same is true in the United Kingdom.


England 93-2 (Pope 36 *, Route 16 *) Target 296

Bracewell's first ball is over and the Pope gives himself room to punch it through the cover of theFOUR.

The rest is well bowled and has no score.


England 89-2 (Pope 32 *, Route 16 *) Target 296

Wagner chooses to hide the ball outside, and the Pope cannot take any of the first three. The leading edge from the 4th ball falls safely for a single. The route then confirms the last two deliveries.


England 88-2 (Pope 31 *, Route 16 *) Target 296

The Pope rubs the reverse sweep, but when performing the reverse sweep, the route shows him how it is done. Gorgeous reverse sweep and it competes towards the boundaries ofFOUR.

Another attempted reverse sweep bounces and hits the route outside the line. A great final ball from Bracewell rises and hits the outeredge. Daryl Mitchell flew between Mitchell and the keeper because the ball turned into a batter and was too wide to slip, and escaped to the border of the third man inFOUR.


England 79-2 (Pope 30 *, Route 8 *) Target 296

In progress, it's a great drive from the route, but it's stopped by a fielder so it won't run. The last ball in the over is no ball, so go again and the route will clip the ball nicely from the toes during theFOUR. A nice shot.


Drinking. England 74-2 (Pope 30 *, Route 4 *) Target 296

When Tim Sauchy finally takes his breath, Neil Wagner appears. You won't escape in the first few deliveries. After that, the ball will change, and New Zealand will eventually fulfill their wishes.

It's a little out of shape and doesn't fit in the referee's cardhole. They also drink while they choose new balls.


England 74-2 (Pope 30 *, Route 3 *) Target 296

It's a great start from the Pope as the Pope crunches Bracewell atFour points. And, a little lucky, this is the two boundaries of the three balls. When the Pope tries to cut the ball, theedgegoes through the slip. This avoids Daryl Mitchell's hand and races at4.

From some singles and the last ball after that, the Pope beautifully lifts the ball through the long-off area when fetching the ball from a wide position. .. Exquisite cricket. 14 off over.


England 60-2 (Pope 17 *, Route 3 *) Target 296

Only one from the Pope from the latest Saudi. He is pretty tight on one end.


England 59-2 (Pope 16 *, Route 3 *) Target 296

The Pope wins Bracewell's opening ball in a single across the infield before Route sweeps 2.

It hurts. The root then sweeps the next ball to the leg / knee of the short leg, but does not even flinch. Tough people, those New Zealanders.