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England kit man helps out Bantams fan with rent

A BRADFORD City fan who said he said he had to sell some of his beloved Adidas trainers to pay his rent has been saved from eviction by England football team's kit man.

Craig Bell tweeted that he needed £100 by the end of Tuesday after his rent money went missing.

He posted: "If anyone notices that I'm listing trainers, I've got to get 100 quid by end of the day to cover the rent that's somehow gone missing, and if I don't, I'm evicted in 28 days.

"I don't have family. No friends. I will be on the streets. So please. RT, help a guy out please."

Among those who responded was England kit man Pat Frost who offered to pay the rent to save Craig from selling off any of his collection.

He tweeted: "Don’t sell sell anymore pal.....DM your bank details and I’ll send over your rent money."

Craig, who is off work after fracturing his back and tweets as A Casual Bantam, said: "Never have I felt the hurt I feel this morning, having to sell my beloved trainers.

"But the response, the #adifamily retweeting has made it not hurt so much.

"Thanks for the help, it's seriously appreciated."

He told the T&A: "Landlord made it clear, I had until end of the day to pay the missing payment, or a 28-day notice would have been issued tomorrow morning.

"He's been paid, and seen the response and what's happened. I'm safe.

"Pat Frost is not only England's kit man, he is a gentleman and this isn't the first amazing gesture he's made, Caernarfon fans know."