RESIDENTS could see an end to nuisance parking by workers, patients and visitors from nearby Airedale Hospital.

A residents-only parking scheme is to be introduced in residential streets surrounding the hospital in the Thornhill Road area of Steeton.

Keighley MP John Grogan said he had brokered a deal between the hospital and Bradford Council to secure funding.

He revealed the hospital would put in £10,000 and Keighley Area Committee – part of the Council – would provide £5,000.

Mr Grogan said: “For the last two years I have been trying to find a solution for Steeton residents who have complained they cannot park in their own street. The council now have the money in the bank to fund a residents-only parking scheme. I understand they will undertake a public consultation on which streets should be included later in the year.”

Pictured celebrating the news are hospital representative David Moss, Mr Grogan, Keighley Area Committee chairman Cllr Abid Hussain and parish council chairman Cllr David Mullen