Boris Johnson was forced to cancel a press conference with the prime minister of Luxembourg, after being met with loud boos from protestors.

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel spoke with an empty podium next to him.

Two lecterns had been set up on the ministry’s grounds in Luxembourg City where the media was waiting to hear the pair speak after a meeting.

However, Mr Johnson decided to only give a statement to a small group of journalists assembled at the nearby residence of the British ambassador, after dozens of demonstrators with a loud speaker heckled him from behind the gate.

One of the protestors could be heard saying: ‘We don’t give a flying flamingo’.

Luxembourg’s prime minister, speaking at his now solo press conference, said: ‘I know that the UK Government is unhappy with the Withdrawal Agreement as it stands.



‘That’s why I thought it was important to speak to Prime Minister Johnson to get proposals.

‘We need more than just words.’

There needed to be a legally operational text to work on ‘as soon as possible’ if the October deadline was to be met, he added.