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Emmerdale – what’s in Aaron Livesy’s letter from ex-husband Robert? Fans think it’s bad news

CAIN Dingle hides a prison-stamped letter from Robert to his nephew Aaron Livesy next week in Emmerdale as they spend lockdown together. 

But will the letter spell bad news for Aaron? Here’s everything you need to know about the special lockdown episode...

What’s in Aaron Livesy’s letter from Robert in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale are yet to confirm what the contents of Robert’s prison-stamped letter will be, but fans are convinced the letter will be bad news and that Aaron is in for more heartbreak.

One fan said: "Probably more bad news. Robert and Aaron suffer more than anyone else."

Another pessimistic fan tweeted: "I'd like to be more positive but at this point Robert's letter is probably telling Aaron that he decided to get married .... to a woman, y'all know how they do things. #robron."

A third fan tweeted: "Not feeling hopeful for anything much as I love Aaron getting a letter from Rob, I think the fans have suffered more than enough already."

Another fan tweeted: "If it is an apology I think it'll be like 'I'm so sorry i hurt you, but I also need you to understand why I've cut you off and why it's best we keep it that way.'"

Emmerdale have confirmed that the special lockdown episode will see Aaron and Cain struggle to open up about their feelings as they while away the hours together.

The upcoming scenes will see Cain hide the letter from Aaron when it arrives in the post. 

But later he gets drunk and lets slip that a letter has arrived from prison. 

Aaron then tries to get a stubborn Cain to open up about his feelings for Moira. 

If the letter is an apology, might it be a wake-up call for Cain before he finalises his divorce from Moira?

What has Danny Miller said about the lockdown episode?

Promising an amazing lockdown episode for Aaron and Cain, Danny Miller - who plays Aaron on the ITV soap - tweeted last month: "Well I can tell you, the episode is amazing. You’re going to love it!

"I wouldn’t have wanted to share breaking into this new world of television with many others than my good pal Jeff Hordley - who is incredible in this beautiful episode - written by our very own Adam Sales.

Speaking about how he hopes the episode will help men feel they can open up, Danny said: "As a man, I can say first hand how difficult it is to talk in general.

"With the lockdown and the scary reality of the virus being thrown in there, it makes it ten times harder to offload and share feelings. 

"I’m glad the producers and writers took two of Emmerdale’s characters who like to portray ‘two men who don’t like opening up’ to address how easy it can be when that burden is lifted by having a simple conversation with one another."

What has Jeff Hordley said about the episode?

Speaking about why his character Cain struggles to open up, actor Jeff Hordley said: "It is just not in Cain’s DNA to open up to people, but in this episode Aaron carefully constructs a way to try and get him to open up.

"As the episode progresses we see in fact the pair of them shift from how they are at the beginning to the end of the episode.

Talking about the reason Cain hides the letter from Aaron, Jeff added: "He knows Aaron well and he fears that in Cain’s words he will ‘overthink things and go down a rabbit hole’ - which is a quote from the script.

"Cain is just scared his nephew is going to react badly to this letter so he decides for better or for worse to hide it from him."

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