Emmerdale viewers have been left frustrated by the ITV soap's police.

The police have descended on the village after Ben was horrifically murdered by Meena when she realised he had footage of her trying to drown Victoria Sugden after the dramatic bridge collapse.

But fans have been left feeling fed up of how the police have been handling the murder of Ben and took to social media to vent their frustrations at the current turn of events and urged for the storyline to end.

Slamming the police as "incredibly incompetent", one Twitter user wrote: "The police are so incredibly incompetent on # Emmerdale."

Meena killed Ben in tragic Emmerdale scenes

However, others have questioned the police's method as they investigate Meena's fourth murder without success.

"The Police in #Emmerdale are a joke. 3 deaths zero Fs given," one wrote.

Another added: "So basically she is just going to carry on killing of all the characters the police must be pretty stupid have they never heard of DNA you’re not telling me leanna and Andreas bodies did not have her DNA all over them getting a bit ridiculous now."

Fans were hopeful Meena might have met her end

A third claimed that the police are "not checking all the evidence", writing: "Please bring this storyline to a close. It’s going on for too long and you have made the police look like fools for not checking all the evidence ie body cam."

"So far fetched if you lived in a village with 4 murders in a year you would move. Police are half asleep!" a fourth wrote, with a fifth adding: "3 people dead & all from the same village...clue for the police ... it's someone in the village...name of Meena #Emmerdale."

In tragic scenes, Meena killed Ben after she found out he had footage of her other attempted murder.

Ben met his end after discovering the footage

Ben is Meena's fourth victim after she killed Andrea Tate after she saw her try to murder Victoria following the bridge collapse in Super Soap week, all because she wanted her boyfriend David.

Victoria was trying to keep her head above water after the accident but Meena wanted her dead in a row over the love triangle, but she survived. However, Andrea wasn't so lucky.

Meena has yet to be found out for her crimes but viewers are hopeful she'll get her comeuppance soon.

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