Meena Jutla looks set to bludgeon Andrea Tate to death on Emmerdale after Wednesday night’s cliffhanger.

The ITV Super Soap Week continued with more danger during the latest episode after Victoria Sugden fell over a waterfall following the disastrous bridge collapse on Monday night’s show.

Despite surviving the fall, Victoria was found by her evil love rival Meena Jutla who proceeded to dunk the unconscious single mother under the water in an attempt to finish her off.

As this occurred, Andrea Tate witnessed Meena’s actions from afar and screamed at her stop but the evil nurse did not hear.

Meena’s boyfriend and Victoria’s true love David Metcalfe interrupted Meena who quickly feigned helping Victoria.

Andrea Tate discovered Meena's murderous ways on Emmerdale

However, Meena was left with an Andrea-shaped problem after she came face to face with her and Andrea revealed she saw what she did to Victoria.

Meena tried to talk her way out of it initially but Andrea revealed she could tell what the nurse was doing.

A maniacal Meena then laughed and called Victoria a “boyfriend-stealing b***h” and she had tried to finish her off despite her already being “half-dead”.

Evil Meena Jutla laughed as she admitted her villainy

Andrea Tate ran for her life into the large maze

Meena then proceeded to tease Andrea for her boyfriend Charles Anderson still being in love with Meena’s sister, Manpreet and revealed she had seen them together.

Andrea then fled Meena and ran into a cornfield maze away from the murderess but was corned by Meena at a sign-posted “dead-end”.

While Meena was amused by the sign she then lifted it and prepared to strike Andrea with it to her victim’s screams.

Has Meena really killed Andrea?

A terrified Andrea was faced by Meena

Killer Meena cornered Andrea in the maze at a 'Dead End'

Naturally, viewers at home had some thoughts about what happened and whether Andrea can make it out alive.

One Emmerdale fan penned on Twitter : "Meena has gone full on psychotic #Emmerdale but i think Andrea will be fine".

A different person wrote: "omfg is Andre dead ??!!! #Emmerdale ".

Meanwhile, another viewer of the ITV soap tweeted: "If Andrea really is done for, then fair enough. Meena gets this one, cause least she actually had a bit of brains".

Meena lifted the 'Dead End' sign to bludgeon Andrea

Elsewhere, one individual commented: "Poor Andrea wtf was she waiting for she should’ve kept running #emmerdale ".

Finally, one Emmerdale fan concluded: "Meena is just pure evil #Emmerdale#Meena ".

*Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with previous episodes available on ITV Hub.