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Emmerdale spoilers: Victoria Sugden rocked by Luke Posner’s secret gay history with Ethan


VICTORIA Sugden’s world is rocked when her boyfriend Luke Posner’s secret history with Ethan emerges next week in Emmerdale.

Emmerdale viewers have been suspicious of Luke - who is the brother of Victoria’s dead rapist - and his motives ever since he showed interest in the chef. 

And now it seems they might be right as next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Luke reiterate to Ethan that he isn’t gay.

Viewers will then overcompensate with his affections for Victoria in an attempt to convince her of his feelings. 

Does he have ulterior motives for romancing Victoria after all or has he just not told her about his sexuality?

Viewers know that Victoria dumped Luke last year after suffering nasty flashbacks of his brother Lee and realising she wasn’t ready for romance.

But it became clear that Vic still had feelings for Luke when he announced he was going on a date with Amy Wyatt following their split. 

Victoria then announced she was in love with Luke at the end of the year after realising life was too short following the death of her grandmother. 

Emmerdale boss Laura Shaw recently revealed the couple will be rocked when huge secrets emerge.

Speaking to The Sun Online Laura teased: "We’ve got a really big fun Christmas coming up.

"It’s jam-packed full of romance, disaster, comedy, heartbreak, shock twists and turns and a huge secret is going to come out in a truly magnificent way that’s going to make everybody gasp, I promise you.

"We’ve got more secrets revealed between Luke and Victoria that’s going to have a big impact on their relationship."

Laura added: "We’ve got some really big big storylines planned and 2021 is looking really exciting right now."

Actor Max Parker recently teased how Luke's dark side could emerge.

Emmerdale's Will Taylor brands Harriet Finch a ‘gormless bint’ in scathing takedown

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Max teased: "I think Luke is genuinely one of the good guys.

"But everyone has their triggers and who knows what’s around the corner."

He added: "It's never plain sailing with Victoria and Luke, but I’m enjoying our little double act at the minute so we will have to wait and see."

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