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Emmerdale spoilers: Marlon Dingle struggles to cope in the aftermath of April’s torment

EEMERDALE's Marlon Dingle shows signs he's struggling to cope in the aftermath of April's cyber bullying.

The chef is clearly being affected by his daughter's own torment - instigated by their own neighbour, Cathy Hope.

With the events weighing heavily on Marlon, he's more than a little unforgiving when Bob later confronts him and begs for some news on April.

To make matter worse, Marlon’s gutted to hear that Rhona’s assault charge is progressing to a court date.

It was revealed to viewers last month that April’s bully was in fact her apparent friend Cathy, but until recently April remained in the dark about her tormentor’s identity.

Recent episodes of the ITV soap saw Cathy comfort April as she despaired over the trolling.

April tells her to stay away before she becomes a target too and rushes off, leaving Cathy fighting a guilty conscience.

The following day, Cathy feels terrible when she realises that April has skipped school and decides to come clean.

April is floored when Cathy admits that she started the online trolling - and rushes off to tell Rhona everything.

Meanwhile, Heath rushes in and tells Bob and Brenda that Cathy has gone missing overnight.

Rhona finds Cathy and insists she’s telling Brenda, Bob and the school about her bullying, leading Cathy to make a run for it.

As a fight between the pair quickly escalates, Brenda arrives on the scene and steps in when she spies Rhona grabbing Cathy.

Rhona ends up elbowing Brenda in the face, but Brenda isn’t phased and steps in again when Rhona continues to use force to stop Cathy running away.

In a shock turn of events, Rhona shoves Brenda and watches as she falls roughly to the floor.

Emmerdale's Cathy Hope gets away with bullying April Windsor

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