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Emmerdale spoilers: Liv Flaherty is rushed to hospital after suffering horrifying seizure


LIV Flaherty is set to suffer a horrifying health scare in Emmerdale next week as she’s rushed to hospital following a seizure.

The teen – who’s played by Isobel Steele in the ITV soap - is in the Café when she suddenly collapses and starts fitting, leaving those around her stunned.

While Paddy Kirk and Marlon and Cain Dingle rush to help her, Liv’s brother-in-law, Robert Sugden, is rooted to the spot as he struggles to process what’s going on.

Liv’s rushed to hospital, where Robert breaks the news to a frantic Aaron Dingle that he’s looking at life in prison for his attack on rapist Lee Posner.

How will Aaron – Danny Miller - cope with the double-whammy of bad news? And what’s going on with Liv?

Robert and Aaron are set for a bumpy ride over the coming months as it looks ever more likely that Robert – played by departing star Ryan Hawley – will be facing a long time in the slammer for whacking his sister’s rapist around the head with a shovel.

ITV bosses have already hinted that Rob’s departure could be something to do with twisted rapist Lee, who he savagely attacked with a shovel on Tuesday night.

Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw revealed: “Robert is intent on getting his revenge at any cost, even if it kills him.

“Victoria’s evil rapist Lee is still pursuing her, so Victoria decides that the only way that she’s ever going to live happily and peacefully with the baby, is if she leaves the village forever.

“As her brother finds this out, he’s obviously devastated.

"He doesn’t want his sister to leave at all and as Lee piles the pressure on both of them, Robert is pushed to the very edge.”

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