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Emmerdale spoiler: Noah’s drugs storyline explained as he battles to help his niece Sarah

EMMERDALE sets the wheels of Noah Dingle’s drugs horror in motion tonight as his efforts to help Sarah Sugden go terribly wrong.

Noah has been watching bad boy Danny lead his niece Sarah Sugden down a dark path in recent weeks as he’s forced her into taking drugs.

What is Noah’s drug storyline in Emmerdale?

Friday night’s episode saw Noah continue to bear the brunt of Sarah’s anger, who’s annoyed at him sticking his oar in her business.

Tonight, Noah discovers that Sarah is still hiding drugs for Danny.

Noah ends up confiscating the pills to protect Sarah but it all goes horribly wrong when he’s found out by Graham Foster.

Will he protect Sarah’s secret or spill the beans to Graham?

Whatever happens, Noah ends up taking the pills some way or another and suffers from an overdose in upcoming Christmas episodes.

The Emmerdale Christmas trailer shows Noah being rushed around on a hospital bed as a devastated Charity confronts a silent Graham.

Does Noah die in Emmerdale?

It’s not yet confirmed whether Noah makes it through the overdose or whether his family are in for a shocking tragedy this Christmas.

Spoilers haven’t confirmed the fate of the teen Dingle, so viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Does Charity kill Graham in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale has confirmed a dramatic week of episodes as Graham Foster is murdered in an explosive whodunnit in the New Year.

The dark businessman will be brutally killed as he tries to escape the village with Rhona.

Charity will be one of the top suspects for his murder after pointing the finger at Graham for Noah’s drug overdose.

It’s not yet known exactly how Graham is implicated in Noah’s overdose or whether Charity actually ends up killing Graham, and fans will have to wait to find out.

Fans on Twitter are convinced Charity is a prime suspect for his murder: "I don’t want charity to go back to prison so if she does kill off graham she better get away with it."

Another fan added: "Charity is the prime suspect ofc as he is somehow involved in Noah's drug overdose."