Emmerdale's Paddy Kirk's desperation could risk him everything next week on the ITV soap.

The character turns to none other than villain Kim Tate, as he learns former rival Al Chapman is in line to become the new owner of the pub which is run by his wife Chas Dingle.

Paddy has history with Al after he believed he made a move on his wife - despite it actually being the other way round.

Al enjoyed winding Paddy up about it, while he's also been an almost enemy of his best pal Marlon Dingle.

So to hear Al could be buying the pub amid their finance worries, Paddy takes action.

Emmerdale's Paddy Kirk's desperation could risk him everything next week on the ITV soap (



He's so desperate in fact that he seeks help from villain Kim Tate, which could have dangerous consequences.

Kim is not somebody you want to get on the wrong side of, or even the right side of, as things often go wrong.

It isn't long before Kim has a criminal request for Paddy, as she hears him out about Al.

Emmerdale's Paddy takes a worrying risk as he makes a dangerous deal with Kim Tate (



She too has had a rocky relationship with the character, and sees an opportunity to get rid of him from her own business at The Hop.

Paddy wants her help in getting rid of Al, and pleads his case with her soon making a decision.

She asks Paddy for his own help in return, and something comes to mind when a horse breeder offers an unrealistically low value amount for her new horse.

Seeing just how desperate Paddy is, she offers him the money he needs to keep Al from buying the pub.

But it comes at a major price, as she asks him to dope her horse ahead of a crucial race for the stallion.

Shockingly, Paddy eventually agrees to do it despite the criminal implications it may have - and also not considering the fact he may now be trapped by Kim.

Emmerdale's Paddy Kirk takes drastic action to get Al Chapman out of his life (



As the race gets underway, Paddy listens in nervously willing for the horse to win the race, which it does.

Afterwards, Kim meets up with Paddy and hands him an envelope of cash, before she makes another offer.

Asking if he wants to make the doping a regular assignment, Paddy is torn as he remains desperate for cash.

But will he risk everything and go through with it, and will Kim use his recent actions against him later down the line?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.