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Emmerdale’s Moira and Cain in split fears as he flirts with drunken Charity

EMMERDALE fans are terrified that Moira and Cain will split just weeks after reuniting.

The garage owner - who is played by actor Jeff Hordley in the ITV soap - was left drunk and flirty with Charity after trying to stop her hitting self-destruct.

First he defended her from Moira who was laying into her about her lax parenting.

Moira told her: “You can’t keep wallowing in self-pity. You’re a grown up start acting like one. 

“Those kids could have gone into care if we hadn’t have stepped in. Charity, there’s still a chance you can make this right. I’m trying to help.”

But as Moira laid into Charity, Cain told her to stop and ordered her out.

And he showed his caring side as Charity opened up about missing Vanessa.

The vet had sent her her engagement ring leaving Charity devastated.

Soon the pair were knocking back the spirits and flirting, joking over having vodka goggles and Charity moving on.

Meanwhile in the case Mack was winding his sister up, telling her: “So Cain and Charity - they’re a thing? 

“They’re related, aren’t they? Still I can’t blame him, I saw her earlier she was looking hot. You left your husband alone with her looking like that. I’m sure he wouldn’t look twice at her.”

He added: “Are you sure there’s nothing going on between those two? From where I’m standing you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Viewers disagreed and decided there was a lot to worry about, with one writing: "Got a sickly feeling cain is gonna cheat on moira."

A second said: "Mackenzie needs to stop gloating and pushing Moira over the edge. However I have a horrible feeling that he could be right about Charity and Cain possibly getting together. Charity is hitting self distrupt right now. She could do anything."

Another added: "Charity and cain are going to get it on again then now vodka is involved."

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