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Emmerdale’s Liv blackmails gambling addict Paul to keep her seizure secret

EMMERDALE’S Liv Flaherty turned the tables on abusive Paul Ashdale tonight - by blackmailing him over his gambling addiction.

The gambler - who is played by actor Reece Dinsdale in the ITV soap - had locked Liv in her house in an attempt to scare her into keeping quiet about his resurfaced addiction.

However during her ordeal she passed out and had a seizure.

Paul sprang into action and ensured she was OK - and revealed how he had suffered from childhood seizures so he knew what to do.

The pair talked and came to an understanding over their shared medical histories.

But after Paul - who grew out of his seizures - told Liv what a life with them could mean - not being able to drive for example, it gave her pause for though.

And when he said she needed to get checked out by her doctor after the latest episode, she refused.

He tried to insist that she tell them and her brother Aaron so they could take care of her.

However she had no intention of doing that - insisting the seizures had to remain a secret.

She told him: “I don’t want that label hanging around my neck - it will stop me from doing so much driving for a start. 

“We’re the only ones who know about this latest one so nobody else has to.

“You blow my secret, I’ll blow yours.”

Fans were in shock at Liv’s ultimatum.

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One wrote: "Oh Liv why did you go and say that. Of course he won't say anything, his got more to lose."

A second said: "'You blow my secret & I'll blow yours' Blackmail now, really Liv?"

Another added: "Well Liv's just handed Paul what he was after all along: her silence!"

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