Emmerdale's Kim Tate is set to be unsettled by a surprise return next week as she holds an emotional memorial for Andrea.

Killer Meena Jutla had left Andrea for dead in the maize maze fire during super soap week.

And Kim is convinced by Charles to hold a service in next week's episodes in a bid to help Millie deal with her grief.

However, Gabby worries as Kim starts to believe that Millie's father Jamie will make a comeback to attend the memorial.

On the morning of the service, the shock comes when Kim sees Will Taylor appear back in her life.

During the memorial, Kim constantly keeps watch, expecting Jamie to appear at any moment. As she spots a car pull up late, she is left disappointed when Andrea's mum Hazel steps out and not Jamie.

Millie Tate decides she wants to live with Hazel

As Charles delivers a speech to those at the gathering, Hazel shocks Kim with a revelation before Kim tells Hazel that Jamie isn't dead.

In scenes later in the week Kim is left heartbroken when Millie decides to live with her grandmother Hazel.

Kim starts to accept that Jamie must have disappeared as she packs up Millie's belongings, but is this really the case?

Previously, Jamie disappeared after he was given an ultimatum by the mother of his child Gabby who suggested that the pair should elope immediately.

Jamie had left a voice message for Gabby telling her to met him outside the village. However, he went on to confess his undying love to Dawn.

When he was brutally rejected by Dawn, Jamie then sped away in his car before colliding with a vehicle belonging to Chas Dingle and smashing through a fence. He then fell straight off the edge of the road into a lake.

The episode came to an end with the car disappearing under the water, leaving fans wondering whether Jamie had survived or not.

Kim anticipates Jamie will attend the memorial

In this week's episodes fans believed they worked out the identity of Meena's new lover.

The scenes saw Meena's plot for revenge against cheating ex David Metcalfe and his new lover Victoria Sugden unfold.

Meena tried to tear the pair apart for weeks after realising there was something between them, and when it didn't work she turned to murder.

Fans watched on as she used David's own son Jacob and turned him against his father.

Jacob ended up lashing out at David over the phone, believing he hadn't been nice to Meena in their relationship, as Meena sat watching with a smug look on her face.

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