Emmerdale viewers will witness dangerous scenes on the ITV soap next week, as Cain Dingle and newcomer Mackenzie go head-to-head.

Following an upcoming kidnap plot, a revenge-fuelled Cain will threaten to murder Moira Dingle's estranged brother after his arrival.

He issues a sinister threat promising he is not to be messed with, after he is attacked and held to ransom by the troubled newcomer.

Ahead of a "dark" family secret being revealed about him and his sister, he gets on the wrong side of her ex Cain leading to a deadly clash.

After seeing him in the village, Cain warns his new enemy away for good - telling him if he doesn't go he will kill him.

Emmerdale's Cain Dingle threatens to murder Moira's brother Mackenzie

Spoilers for the ITV soap confirm the tension, amid Moira struggling with her brother's arrival.

As she continues to try and get through to him, after a mystery falling out, she's left needing a friend.

But Cain is far from encouraging and instead pushes her away, amid hopes of a reconciliation between them.

A new Emmerdale trailer teased the arrival of Moira's brother Mackenzie

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It all kicks off next week, following Cain's kidnapping where Mackenzie demands £5,000 from his sibling - as shown in a new ITV trailer.

In the fallout, Cain squares up to him in the village and demands he leaves.

As things escalate, Cain threatens to put him in a coffin, before heading to Moira's.

Moira and Cain clash over her brother

It isn't long before he begins tearing strips out of her brother, but Moira tells him to stay away.

Will she push him away, or can the former couple finally sort things out?

Either way, Moira is left making an apology later on in the week and offers an olive branch to someone - but who is it?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.