Al finally got his comeuppance on Emmerdale tonight as his secret affair with Debbie was revealed.

For the past couple of months, Al has been seeing the Dingle behind his fiancee, Priya's, back.

But after Debbie returned to the Dales, Priya soon found out her beau was cheating on her.

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Cooking up a plan between them, Debbie and Priya set out for revenge and tonight Al's secrets unravelled.

Priya discreetly finished a series of bank transfers, whilst fighting the urge to unleash her anger on an unsuspecting Al.

Later, Debbie surprised Al by suggesting they get married. He agreed, only to realise it was a trap when Priya stepped out of her hiding place to confront him.

He desperately tried to make excuses but they fell on deaf ears.

Al realised he’d been set up by the two women and things went from bad to worse when he returned to the Hop Office and was accused by Kim of taking thousands of pounds from the company bank account.

Fans are now convinced it will be Kim who will ruin Al's life - not Priya or Debbie.

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Lauren tweeted: "Kim’s angry now."

Darren wrote: "Al has been rumbled nice one Debbie, Priya and now Kim."

A third said: "Good old Kim."

Matthew added: "And now the Devil Woman (aka Kim) has just found out the money has gone walkies! Get running Al! "

And a fifth tweeted: "Kim is going to get her revenge."