Emmerdale viewers are feeling more and more frustrated by the serial killer storyline centred around Meena Jutla.

The evil nurse has murdered several people in recent months, yet no one else in the village seems to be suspicious of her.

Tuesday's episode of the ITV soap saw Meena (Paige Sandhu) subtly taunting Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) as she tried to make her talk about finding Ben Tucker's body.

Unbeknownst to Dawn, it was Meena who murdered Ben - and she was simply enjoying recalling the murder by making Dawn describe his body.

As she sipped on a glass of white wine with with a smug look on her face, Meena's behaviour made for uncomfortable viewing as Dawn broke down in tears.

Emmerdale viewers are feeling more and more frustrated by the serial killer storyline centred around Meena Jutla (



Emmerdale fans are getting more and more annoyed with the ongoing storyline and took to Twitter to comment.

One person posted: "Not watched it for a week can’t believe serial killer still kills easily and no one noticed let’s get real and get rid #Emmerdale."

Another tweeted: "The fact that none of the muppet villagers can see how weird and off pantomime villain Meena is beggars belief #Emmerdale."

Meena was seen taunting Dawn Taylor during Tuesday's episode of the ITV soap (



A third person posted: "Meena is so so annoying #Emmerdale," while a fourth added: "Get rid of Meena this storyline is dry #emmerdale."

And someone else said: "Can they get rid of Meena tonight thank you #Emmerdale," while another added: "Truly pathetic this meena sh*te now #emmerdale."

It comes after viewers threatened to switch off on Monday evening as they predicted who Meena's next victim could be.

Meena had a smug look on her face as she tried to get Dawn to describe finding Ben Tucker's body recently (



Monday's episode of the ITV soap saw Meena offer to do Wendy Posner a favour by offering to look after her dog Princess.

As Meena acted more twisted than usual following the grim murder of Ben Tucker, Wendy fell for her sweet act and ended up accepting her offer.

But viewers were left fearing for the animal's life as Meena cuddled the dog and declared: "I always get what I want."

Taking to Twitter, one person posted: "So Meena now has her eyes set on another victim the flaming dog, Princess # emmerdale."

Another tweeted: "Meena is gonna murder that dog #Emmerdale."

A third person predicted: "All that dog will have to do is bark and that’s it. She’ll kill it. The writers know this. The actress said in an article 'I can’t believe what they’ve got Meena doing next' #Emmerdale."

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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