Emmerdale fans have been left horrified by the street brawl between Rhona Goskirk and Brenda Walker.

The pair came to blows on Thursday night’s episode of the ITV soap opera as the cyber-bullying storyline surrounding April Windsor reached a dramatic conclusion.

Tormented April Windsor learned on Wednesday that her best friend and aunt Cathy Hope had begun the campaign of terror against her on social media.

April was furious as Cathy begged her to keep it a secret before April fled home.

On Thursday night, April finally opened up and told dad Marlon Dingle’s girlfriend Rhona what Cathy had done.

Cathy Hope was finally exposed publicly as April Windsor's bully on Emmerdale

Rhona also opened up to Marlon about what Cathy had done and the knock-on effect it had for April.

Meanwhile, Cathy’s dad Bob and step-mother Brenda were panicked when son Heath tells them his sister is missing.

After the group continued searching for Cathy, a furious Rhona was the one to find the bully and revealed she would expose her while Cathy made excuses.

Cathy fled and when Rhona caught up with her she grabbed the schoolgirl, prompting Brenda to step in.

However, Rhona elbowed Brenda and hit her in the face.

Brenda Walker stepped in to stop Rhona Goskirk from grabbing Cathy (



As Brenda tries grab a hold of Rhona, the vet shoved the cafe owner and Brenda fell backwards on to the floor, leaving everyone shocked by how far the nasty drama has gone.

Naturally, viewers of the ITV soap were also shocked to see the drama turn physical on Thursday night.

One Emmerdale fan penned: "Oh FFS. Totally over the top from Rhona, then the farcical tussle with Brenda ending with her being decked."

Rhona elbowed Brenda as the pair ended up in an altercation (



A different viewer of the ITV soap commented: "What the hell was that fight".

Meanwhile, another person tweeted: "Can’t bloody stand Brenda, she deserve an elbow #emmerdale ".

Elsewhere, one Emmerdale viewer wrote: "Bloody hell, Rhona. What did you hope to achieve there? #Emmerdale ".

Brenda fell backwards injured after Rhona shoved her

Finally, one fan of the soap commented: "Can we just appreciate Brenda and Rhona are not these children's birth mothers. Yet are stepping up to protect them, more than any actual birth mother would! Here for these step-mummies #emmerdale ".

*Emmerdale airs on weekdays from 7pm on ITV with previous episodes available on ITV Hub.