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Emmerdale fans seriously distracted as Gabby and Jamie clash in the street – but can you spot why?

EMMERDALE fans were left very distracted as Gabby Thomas and Jamie Tate clashed in the street - but can you spot why?

ITV viewers were baffled on Thursday night when they spotted that Gabby's growing baby bump has mysteriously "disappeared".

During the episode, the pregnant teen and her gran Diane got into a fiery confrontation with the unhappy dad Jamie.

Diane attempted to cheer up the youngster as she comes to terms with the shock death of Leanna Cavanagh.

But fans were quick to notice Gabby's noticeably smaller bump, with one writing: "Has Gabby's bump disappeared?"

Another posted: "Has Gabby had the sprog? She doesn't look pregnant #Emmerdale."

A third added: "Gabby's baby bump looks much smaller than usual, where has it gone? #Emmerdale"

After putting a smile on her face, Jamie pulled up in his car and charged over.

He fumed: "You do know it won't last, mum will see through your little scheme."

Gabby replied: "It's not a scheme Jamie, I hate how things have turned out."

Diane leaped to her granddaughter's defence, adding: "So I'd watch it if I was you, don't go judging folk by your own standards."

Jamie raged: "You're telling me she doesn't see this baby as a meal ticket?

"She's been using from the very start, trying to worm her way in with me and mum."

Gabby lashed back: "I can't help that this baby is yours, why does everything has to be so nasty."

Diane interjected: "Because he's a spoilt brat, that's why... he needs a good lesson in manners."

Diane later got her revenge by chucking Jamie's bags out onto the street as she threw him out of the B&B.


Emmerdale fans will see Jamie plans to leave the village and after stealing thousands from his mother Kim next week.

Kim booted her son out of Home Farm and cut him out of his inheritance after discovering he was the mystery person who’d been poisoning her. 

Things will only get worse for Jamie when Diane Sugden boots him out of the B&B where he’s been staying as revenge for the way he’s treated pregnant Gabby Thomas.

Next week, Will reveals to Gabby that Jamie is moving away. 

Meanwhile, Jamie breaks into Home Farm to access the safe but is interrupted when Gabby arrives. 

Gabby realises something is up and prepares to phone the police, but Jamie emerges from the shadows holding a bag of money. 

Gabby is furious but before she can intervene, she doubles over in pain. 

Will Gabby be in danger and will her baby survive?

Emmerdale's Liam brutally bans Jacob from Leanna’s funeral

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