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Emmerdale fans left scratching their heads as Jimmy King reveals role in murder from way back in 2006


EMMERDALE fans were left confused as Jimmy King reveals role in murder from as far back as 2006.

In last night's double bill, the haulage driver, who is struggling to come to terms with crashing his truck into a barn which killed Paul Ashdale.

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Riddled with guilt, viewers were stunned to see Jimmy (Nick Miles) bang on Bob Hope's door and take responsibility for the death of Bob Hope's (Tony Audenshaw) daughter Dawn (played by Julia Mallam) 15 years ago.

While viewing King's River show home, Dawn died after sustaining internal injuries due to an explosion caused by a gas leak.

Fans tried to understand why Jimmy would do this as one tweeted: "Hang on why is Jimmy touring himself by talking about the 2006 house collapse again? #Emmerdale."

Another wrote: "Jimmy didn’t know the house was going to explode so how was it his fault? #emmerdale."

This user penned: "#Emmerdale 15 years on and Jimmy has said sorry to Bob over the explosion that killed Dawn."

A fourth follower exclaimed: "Oh! This is why Jimmy has been feeling all this guilt."

Jimmy told Bob: "I said what I did because I had to, to protect dad and Carl. But I wanted nothing of it – I swear, I wanted nothing of it. I'm so sorry, Bob.

"It's been killing me slowly ever since. I should have taken responsibility, because we were responsible. I was responsible for Dawn and I'm so, so sorry."

Struggling to find the words, Bob replied: "Jimmy, I don't know what you wat me to say."

The explosion at the show home, leading to the deaths of three characters, including Bob's daughter Dawn, Noreen Bell and minor character David Brown.

Dawn was able to survive the initial collapse but lost her life in hospital later on, leaving dad Bob devastated.

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