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Emmerdale fans fuming and switch off as Graham gets murdered by Pierce in VERY violent scenes pre watershed

'like goodfellas'

EMMERDALE fans were forced to switch off this evening as they watched Pierce Harris kill Graham Foster in very brutal scenes.

The rapist - who is played by Jonathan Wrather in the ITV soap - was engaged in a very violent and bloody fight with Graham that led to the former soldier's death tonight - in scenes that aired before the watershed.

Those watching at home were horrified by what they watched, despite a warning from the channel beforehand.

Taking to twitter to complain, one person wrote: "#emmerdale Pre Watershed? Bit scary."

A second said: "#emmerdale  #Emmerdale this is too much before the #watershed for goodness sake!!!!"

Another added: "WTF are doing with #emmerdale? It's like watching scenes from Goodfellas... Before the watershed! We've had to switch it over as it's not fit for our 9 yr old. Idiots!!"

Pierce was seen leaving the body half covered by leaves at the bottom of a bridge where it could be easily found.

Fans also pointed out that Graham will be covered in Pierce's blood giving the police ample DNA to run a search on.

With Pierce on probation for rape they already have his DNA so by leaving the body exposed Pierce has sealed his own fate.

Actor Jonathan told The Sun Online how Pierce will be staying in the show for a while yet.

Rhona’s rapist Pierce Harris kills Graham Foster in shocking Emmerdale scene

He said: "I can’t say much – he’s arrived we know what he’s done. He will be around for a little bit.

"I can’t say what he goes on to do but there’s very exciting stuff to come – it’s not what you expect.

"It’s a curveball and it’s interesting – the storytelling is great and the writers are great. I am fortunate to be involved in this."

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