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Emmerdale fans disgusted with Leyla Harding for begging Liam to take her back after she accused him of being a rapist

EMMERDALE viewers are disgusted with Leyla Harding after begging Liam Cavanagh to get back with her after she accused him of raping Gabby Thomas.

The wedding planner - who is played by actress Roxy Shahidi in the ITV soap - had fallen for Gabby’s lies and jumped to the wrong conclusions and accused Liam of forcing himself onto Gabby.

Only after did Gabby admit to the lies - but the damage had been done and Liam ended things with Leyla.

She desperately tried to speak to Liam eventually shouting at his door about what she had done.

Despite accusing him, Leyla begged Liam to take her back.

She said: “Liam I love you. I never thought I would meet anyone like you, I cannot let you walk away.”

But Liam had no intention of letting her off the hook, saying: “I don’t know why you’re prolonging this. Nothing you can say can make any difference.”

“You believed Gabby’s lies,” he said to her, spelling it out. 

“You thought I was some kind of pervert. You’re going to try and blame this on what happened between Jacob and Maya.

“How are we ever going to trust each after this? I’ll never forget the way you looked at me when you thought I’d been after Gabby.

“You still believed I was capable of something like that which shows you’ll never trust me.

“And knowing how you felt I’ll never be able to trust you again either. It’s over Leyla, we both need to accept that and move on.”

Viewers were just disgusted with Leyla for believing Gabby’s lies.

One wrote: "Emmerdale you only have yourself 2 blame leyla."

A second said: "Leyla needs to jog on and leave Liam alone and don’t get me started on Gabby."

Another added: "Leyla its over and its your fault."

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