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Emmerdale fans convinced Pierce Harris has a killer accomplice for Graham’s murder

EMMERDALE fans are confused about who actually killed Graham Foster - and think Pierce Harris had a secret accomplice.

The former soldier - who is played by actor Andrew Scarborough in the ITV soap - was seen dying tonight after multiple attacks from Pierce as well as being hit by a car and knocked off a bridge.

As he tried to walk away having knocked Pierce out, a car sped at him.

It cracked its windshield and sent him flying over the bridge and to the ground below where the fight still continued.

And while Pierce dealt the final blow with a large torch it wasn't immediately clear who was driving the car that hit Graham.

It has led to confusion amongst fans as multiple official suspects were seen driving their cars as they headed out to confront Graham.

Jamie and Andrea Tate both drove as did Charity and Marlon Dingle, Al Chapman and Jai Sharma.

Fans are convinced one of them helped Pierce with his plan to kill Graham after the soap promised that one of them was a killer.

One wrote: " Who hit Graham with the car?"

A second said: "So who hit him with a car? #Emmerdale"

Rhona’s rapist Pierce Harris kills Graham Foster in shocking Emmerdale scene

Another added: "I really enjoyed watching these episodes but this last one too unrealistic how did Al know where Graham was? How after peirs gets knocked out it's able to find Graham in his car #emmerdale #itv."

A fourth tweeted: "Confused now - was Pierce driving? Where did he come from? #Emmerdale."

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