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Emmerdale fans convinced Jamie Tate has killed TWO people in shock hit and run accident

EMMERDALE fans are convinced that Jamie Tate has killed TWO people in a shock hit and run accident.

It was previously revealed that Moira would be his victim, and she will be left fighting for her life after the incident - leaving Jamie in turmoil.

However, after the crash was shown in last night's episode, fans have questioned if it was Moira after all as it looked as though the victim was wearing different clothes.

Although the lifeless person laying in the road wasn't shown clearly, viewers spotted that they are wearing jeans - not leggings like Moira was earlier in the episode.

They also wondered why her character was so far from the village in the middle of the night.

While some questioned whether Moira was involved at all, others pointed out that spoilers for next week confirm that Moira does get hit; prompting speculation that she wasn't the only one.

Jamie's new lover Belle has been thrown under the microscope as a prospective victim, with one fan tweeting: "Wonder who Jamie has hit.

"Don't think its Moira as they have jeans on. She had leggings on.

Another added: "Please tell me that wasn't Belle."

A third said: "If it’s Moira she’s taken a hell of walk!"

One more agreed: "That hit & run in Emmerdale really threw me. Why the hell was he going 90+ down country lanes?

"Why was Moira wearing all black walking down there in the dark?"

Emmerdale fans think Jamie Tate returns from lockdown 'thinner and more tanned'

Jamie was speeding at 90 miles an hour searching for his missing wife Andrea, which has also made viewers fear that Moira will be killed off due to the high speeds.

Next week's episode spoilers show Moira’s friends and family reel from the news of the hit and run accident.

This isn't the first time that Jamie has hit a person in the 'Dales, last year knocking over Eric Pollard.

However, that incident wasn't his fault - with his car jolting forward into the pedestrian after Megan crashed into him.

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