Emmerdale fans were left raising their eyebrows tonight over a car crash where the cars didn't appear to even touch one another.

This evening, Charity was distracted by her phone when she appeared to collide with an oncoming car, driven by a mysterious Scot.

The Scot, who will later be revealed as Moira Barton's brother Mackenzie, offered Charity £500 for the damage done to her car to avoid swapping car details.

But viewers were left very bemused after failing to see them collide at all and took to Twitter to comment.

One fan pointed out in a tweet: "The angle they showed it before the break, they never touched cars #emmerdale."

While another agreed, commenting: "#Emmerdale ah the cars didn't touch at all so wtf is with this damage b******s."

A third wrote: "There wasn't any damage to any car was there ???

Thinking face


"This is so pathetic the cars never touched, who is directing this #emmerdale," another fumed.

One commented: "How is her car like that it didn’t even touch the other one #Emmerdale."

Another wrote: "He didn't touch her car, honestly #Emmerdale."

Some suggested that their wing mirrors clipped, but others insisted that it "didn't look like they touched".

The 'kind of' car crash marked Mackenzie's first appearance on Emmerdale as he is set to cause mayhem for sister Moira...

*Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV