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Eminem tells Dana White his opinion ‘doesn’t matter’ and appears to side with fighters leaving UFC chief stunned

LEGENDARY rapper Eminem told UFC chief Dana White his 'opinion doesn't matter'.

Slim Shady's music is being used for UFC 257 and he was interviewed on the same TV panel as White ahead of this weekend's event.

The chat took place on ESPN SportsCenter and a snippet of the conversation surfaced online.

However, it does appear he was siding with UFC fighters in a dig at White ahead of Conor McGregor's rematch with Dustin Poirier at Fight Island this weekend.

Eminem was heard saying: "The best part about your opinion is that it doesn’t matter.

"And if every fighter that you had listened to your opinion when you doubted them, you wouldn’t have a f***ing league."

White appears taken aback before the footage cuts out and it has left fans salivating over the release of the full conversation.

Some are suggesting the jibe is politically motivated with White a well known supporter of departed US president Donald Trump.

Tim tweeted: "Eminem has become political.

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"He knows Dana supported Trump, spoke at the Republican convention. So he prob doesn't like @danawhite because of that."

Another user leaped to Eminem's defence and said: "Out of context or not, he isn't wrong.

"Plenty of fighter's that Dana has doubted, ended up being successful. Without them, it wouldn't be nearly as electrifying.

"Y'all get butt hurt too easily. You can like two people that don't like each other. We need to make it okay in 2021."

And Woody chimed in to calm everyone down and wrote: "Eminem just did promos for the fight with his new track like three weeks ago, and has done stuff with them for years, doubt there is beef between them."

Dana White admits he thought Conor McGregor situation couldn’t be fixed before Dustin Poirier rematch was agreed

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