Great Britain

Election results across the UK have given parties plenty to think about


here has been plenty of debate among our readers about what the election results across the UK mean for us all. From the issue of Scottish independence, to the future for the centre-left and left and the political spectrum as the Conservatives celebrate a number of wins.

Some have sought to blame the former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn – who writes for The Independent today defending the need to think about the many and not the few – while others have said that Keir Starmer needs to take responsibility for a less-than-stellar showing in Hartlepool and the local elections in England and refresh his party's platform. That the party has given the public a compelling enough alternative to the vision laid out by Boris Johnson (although there are a number of readers who believe that vision will not come to pass).

Another suggestion has been for the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and Labour to join forces – with some believing that a radical shake-up of British politics is the only way forward. I would expect that we will hear plenty more on this issue over the next few days, as our readers – and politicians – process the election results.

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