Eight-year-old Ollie Grundy is coining it in after setting up his own vacuum-repair business.

The schoolboy from from Hyde, Greater Manchester, has already made more than £200 from the one-man venture he runs from his mum's kitchen.

Ollie - who's been a fan of vacuums for as long as anyone can remember - fixes blockages, changes belts and cleans bags for £3 a vacuum after school and at weekends.

But he has plans for far bigger returns.

“I’m going to be the richest man in Britain like James Dyson," Ollie said.

“I’ve had over a hundred people getting in touch wanting their Hoovers fixed and I have a backlog of over 50 orders."

Ollie wants to be the next James Dyson

Once he has saved up for his workshop in his family’s back garden, he hopes to start offering additional services to customers of Ollie’s Vacuum Repair Services, like replacing buttons and fixing motors.

Mum Emma, 32, said it's far from a recent obsession.

“Ollie has been obsessed by Hoovers for as long as I can remember," she said.

“He used to cry having to leave the Hoovers at play group. He absolutely loves taking them apart.

“Hoovers are the only thing he’ll watch on YouTube.  

“He won’t watch football or anything, it’s non-stop Hoovers for him.”

Ollie with dad Stuart and mum Emma - and a lot of vacuums
Ollie with his latest machine

Ollie now owns five vaccums himself - with the latest addition to his collection is a £250 Shark Apex he was gifted by neighbours, who set up a fundraiser to buy him one after hearing about his business.

He also has multiple self-designed cardboard and paper prototype Hoovers which he made while off school during lockdown and he dreams of turning one of the templates into a fully functioning affordable hoover called ‘Alexus’.

Ollie's been busy designing new machines over lockdown

Because as well as fixing them up, Ollie wants to make them better.

“I want to be an engineer when I’m older and invent the next Hoover," Ollie said.

“I will try and make it as cheap as I can.”