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Eight HUGE EastEnders spoilers revealed in the new Christmas trailer – including Phil Mitchell’s vicious revenge

EASTENDERS has released an explosive trailer ahead of its Christmas Day special that sees a furious Phil FINALLY confront Sharon over her affair with Keanu.

The Mitchell hardman screams at his trembling wife “worth it, was he?” before hurling a chair across their Christmas table.

1. Louise discovers the truth

EastEnders fans know that Louise is set to leave the Square in dramatic scenes in the new year.

Her exit will come as her husband-to-be and Keanu and Sharon’s secret comes exploding out.

And the trailer teases that moment has come as Louise is seen staring at the dinner table in horror.

2. Phil battles with booze

The trailer shows Phil turning to the bottle after discovering the baby daddy bombshell.

He stares at a glass of whiskey before the teaser pans back to Sharon trembling.

Phil Mitchell’s long-time struggle with alcohol has put lives in danger before - will his drinking ramp up his revenge again this Christmas?

3. Sharon's world comes crashing down

A terrified Sharon struggles to hold in her tears as her web of lies unravels.

Sharon has been lying to Phil for months about her affair with Keanu but still isn’t prepared for the fallout.

Could she and the unborn baby be in danger?

4. Ben and Phil plan their murderous payback 

Fans know that Phil has already discovered that he isn’t the father of Sharon’s baby.

The trailer sees Phil’s son Ben vowing to help his dad uncover the identity of the real father.

Ben insists in the trailer: “He will not outlive Christmas”.

The pair are set to get the wrong end of the stick and torture Jack Branning.

But when Phil finally discovers the real “he” - his son-in-law Keanu Taylor - all hell will break loose.

5. Linda's drinking spirals

The Mitchell’s aren’t the only family at breaking point this Christmas as the trailer sees Mick Carter angrily confront his wife Linda over her drinking.

She then stumbles into the square dressed as Mrs Claus holding a bottle to her chest.

Official spoilers have revealed that Linda is set to pass out in the middle of the freezing winter Square, which could spell disaster for her if she isn’t found.

Fans are convinced drunk Linda will kill Louise in a dramatic hit and run after her drinking spirals out of control.

6. Phil lashes out

The trailer shows Phil Mitchell flying into a rage and launching a chair across the Christmas dinner table in temper.

He asks Sharon “worth it, was he?”, before smashing the dinner to smithereens.

7. Keanu holds onto Louise 

Keanu tries to give distraught Louise a hug and whispers the comforting words: “It’s not the Christmas I planned”.

But Louise isn’t convinced and is seen pulling away.

No matter how much he apologises, it looks like his Christmas is about to come crashing down

Keanu is set to leave the Square in the New Year but after facing the wrath of Phil and Louise, will he make it out alive?

8. Martin stares into the flames

Martin broods with tears in his eyes as he contemplates a huge mistake he’s made.

Staring into flames, he cryptically mutters: “It’s done.”

What has the fruit and veg flogger got himself into?

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