Ralf Rangnick has been appointed as interim manager of Manchester United until the end of the season and now is tasked with getting the team's season back on track after a poor start under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Rangnick has a defined style of play, which requires his team to be fully committed to his philosophy both in defence and attack. A big deal has been made out of the necessity to press, but it also requires good movement and good link-up when attacking.

Fred and Jadon Sancho have already been suggested as United players who could see massive improvements under Rangnick. Still, the forward line has been identified as a problem area in terms of selection.

Cristiano Ronaldo's lack of pressing has been a constant point of contention throughout the season. Now with Rangnick's appointment, it seems even more likely to come to a head given the manager's comments in the past that everyone must be involved in it, and you can't get away with just "a little bit of pressing".

Rangnick said back in 2016 that he believed Ronaldo was too old to play his style of football at RB Leipzig, which has been brought up now five years later. What you have to consider, however, is that Rangnick's opinion may have applied to signing Ronaldo. Still, with the player already at the club, he may be more inclined to use him.

But surprisingly, it is not a young striker that will be Rangnick's perfect solution to his forward line issue, but 34-year-old Edinson Cavani.

'Perfect' may be a strong word, as Cavani has had his injury issues. But the way he plays perfectly marries Rangnick's outlook of the game, and he can also still do a lot of the things that the manager will want from his forwards, and is probably the closest he will get to 'perfect' in the club.

According to FBRef, Cavani averages 15.31 pressures per 90 minutes, which is average among other forwards. Still, as opposed to other forwards, he is usually successful with them, as his successful pressures sit at around 4.88 per 90, which makes his successful pressures around 96%.

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Ronaldo, by comparison, is near rock bottom in both his pressure per 90 (6.45) and successful pressures per 90 (1.72) and shows how if Rangnick wants to implement his system fully, he will need to get Ronaldo onboard or drop him to the bench.

Cavani also offers excellent movement off the ball, opening up space with intelligent runs or creating opportunities for ball progression by drifting into passing positions.

His goalscoring numbers are also not to be forgotten as during his time at United; he has scored 18 goals in 2,180 minutes which constitutes a goal every 136 minutes. Ronaldo, by comparison, since he returned to Old Trafford, has scored a goal every 122 minutes, which isn't a massive step up.

These statements do, of course, not rule out the possibility of Cavani and Ronaldo playing together.

Overall in the short term, Rangnick will likely look to Cavani as an intelligent striker who does everything he needs him to do and rely on him heavily when he's fit. Then in the summer, when the Uruguayan's contract expires, he will likely look for a player in a similar mould to replace him.