EastEnders fans are delighted after Jean Slater took a surprising act of revenge on scheming Ruby Allen.

Jean has disposed of the marijuana grown by Big Mo Harris in the garage by selling it on with help from pal Shirley Carter.

However, Jean was arrested after Ruby shopped her to the police in a bid to stop Jean from exposing her secret to Ruby’s husband Martin - that Ruby framed Stacey for attacking her and wrongfully sent her to prison.

While Jean learned she was actually cancer-free on Thursday despite her fears, the potential charges for the drugs remained.

Thursday night’s episode saw Martin Fowler pay a visit to his ex-wife and Jean’s daughter, Stacey Slater.

Jean Slater faced tough questions at the police station in EastEnders (



As she continues languishing in prison due to Ruby framing her for pushing her down a flight of stairs, Stacey is more furious to learn about what has happened with her mother and Ruby.

Stacey told Martin to sort out Ruby or she will kill her herself when she gets out of prison.

However, Stacey and Martin won’t have to act at all it seems, as Jean continued to be questioned by the police on the drugs that were stored in the garage.

After the detective revealed she could escape prison if she revealed who the drug dealer was that she supplied the weed to, Jean did not expose pal Shirley Carter and her associates as disposing of the drugs for her.

The detective pushed for an answer from Jean (


Jean named Ruby as the one responsible for the drug deals (



Instead, Jean named Ruby as the dealer!

Fans were certainly pleased by the unexpected turn of events as Jean took revenge on Ruby.

One fan wrote on Twitter : "Yes Jean, Ruby gets a taste of her own medicine".

A different EastEnders viewer commented: "Anddd that's how Ruby exits then. She put herself right at the crime scene".

Meanwhile, one fan of the soap noted: "JEAN SLATER IS THE MVP #EastEnders ".

Ruby Allen looks set to suffer before she leaves Walford (


BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Elsewhere, another admirer of the show penned: "Standing up and clapping Jean #Eastenders ".

Finally, one EastEnders fan concluded: "YES YES YES JEAN SETTING UP RUBY I LOVE THIS #EastEnders ".

Can Ruby get out of this one? And will the businesswoman come clean to Martin before she goes, and, if so, will their marriage survive?

*EastEnders continues on Friday at 8pm on BBC One with previous episodes available on BBC iPlayer.