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EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Watts panics as Ian Beale eats her poisoned pasta


SHARON Watts panics as Ian Beale tucks into the poisoned pasta at her deadly dinner tonight in EastEnders. 

The landlady - who is played by Letitia Dean in the BBC One soap - has slowly been poisoning her husband with crushed up pills since Christmas Day, when it was revealed she and her ex Phil knew all about his part in their son Dennis’s death.

But in a first look at tonight’s deadly dinner, Sharon’s composure will waver as Ian eats her poisoned food.

Sharon will look up in alarm as the reality of what she’s done dawns on her.

But with her plan in full swing, she’ll realise it’s too late to back down now. 

Kathy will fear the worst for Ian next week when her son goes missing.

After searching the Square, Kathy will storm over to Sharon’s and confront her about Ian’s whereabouts. 

Later in the week, when Ian still hasn’t been found, Kathy will confront Sharon again and accuse her of knowing more than she’s letting on.

What has Sharon done to Ian?

EastEnders viewers know that Phil gave Sharon a deadly drug to finish Ian off in one swift move earlier this week after she expressed doubts about going ahead with their murder plan.

Sharon Watts calls off Ian Beale murder plot - as he gets proof she’s poisoning him on EastEnders

Sharon accepted the bag of white powder from Phil right under Ian’s nose - and then invited her husband to a deadly dinner.

When Ian seemed wary, Sharon lured him in by talking about how she was in love - and that she wanted to finally consummate their marriage.

Little does Sharon know, however, that Ian secretly visited the doctors in recent scenes - and got proof that Sharon is poisoning him.

Has Ian been taken in by Sharon's lies or is he playing her at her own game?

Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

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