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EastEnders spoilers: Martin Fowler struggles to cope after Ruby Allen loses their baby

MARTIN Fowler is going to struggle to cope with supporting wife Ruby Allen over her miscarriage in EastEnders.

Ruby - who is played by Louisa Lytton in the BBC One soap - decided to keep her miscarriage a secret during Friday night’s episode after seeing how excited Martin was about the baby.

But when Stacey arrived at the club to confront Ruby over the holiday she and Martin had planned with his kids, the argument took a nasty turn and Ruby accidentally toppled down the stairs. 

Stacey, still thinking Ruby was pregnant, panicked and rang an ambulance. 

Next week, Ruby will take the opportunity to pin the blame on Stacey as she struggles to cope with her grief. 

Viewers will see Ruby get ready for work despite Martin’s objections, and double over in pain. 

Later, Ruby breaks down when the doctor tells her that she’s been haemorrhaging from her miscarriage and that she’ll need a procedure. 

Meanwhile, Stacey battles a guilty conscience and apologises to Martin for Ruby’s accident outside the hospital. 

It all kicks off, however, when Stacey tries to apologise to Ruby and Ruby announces to Kush and Martin that Stacey pushed her down the stairs - and that she caused her miscarriage.

Ruby goes on to explain how Stacey and Kush locked her in her office and made her do a pregnancy test. 

Martin flies into a rage and punches Kush, unable to believe what he’s hearing.

And it's clear he's struggling too as Ruby has to undergo another procedure.

Speaking about the reasons for Ruby’s “‘very sad” lie, actress Louisa told The Sun and other media: “Ruby has always been desperate to be loved. She’s been very lonely from a young age so I think she makes very irrational decisions and is quite selfish because she hasn’t really had anyone else around her to teach her morally and things like that. 

I guess she is just desperate for Martin. She actually loves him. I think he’s probably the first person she’s actually loved, and some women will do anything for love. I think in her mind she genuinely believes they are supposed to be together and that Stacey is in the way. She wants what she wants.

It’s really sad. She makes terrible decisions and she’s almost not a very nice person but it’s really sad when you think about where it’s come from and what she’s been through.  

Viewers know that Ruby has been going to great lengths to keep Martin away from his ex-wife Stacey. 

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The club owner paid Kush to take Stacey’s son Arthur away from Walford in a cruel move.

Ruby then pretended to be pregnant to trap Martin, before realising she was carrying his baby after all when Stacey guessed she was lying and forced her to take a test. 

Louisa added: “I think she’s always known deep down that Martin will always love Stacey. They will always be the couple. As desperate as she is for him to love her I think there’s loads of insecurities around Stacey and there forever will be.”

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