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EastEnders spoilers: Martin Fowler reports ex Stacey Slater to the police for causing Ruby’s miscarriage


MARTIN Fowler reports ex Stacey Slater to the police for causing Ruby’s miscarriage next week in EastEnders. 

Ruby - who is played by Louisa Lytton in the BBC One soap - suffered a tragic miscarriage last month but kept it a secret from her family and friends. 

And when she accidentally fell down the stairs during a showdown with her love rival Stacey, Ruby used the opportunity to accuse Stacey of pushing her - and killing her unborn baby. 

Next week, Ruby insists she wants to move on from everything that’s happened. 

But after sharing a moment with hope, Ruby is hit by grief again and breaks down. 

Martin takes her to a shrine at the allotments in memory of the child they lost. 

Later, Ruby asks Martin how far he’d go to help her get over her grief, and he promises he’d do anything for her. 

Ruby and Martin later tell Stacey that she’s been reported to the police and that they’ll be paying her a visit tomorrow. 

Stacey is horrified when, in a final blow, Ruby tells her that Martin made the call. 

Viewers watched as Martin washed his hands of his ex Stacey after Ruby blamed her for their baby’s miscarriage. 

Martin’s huge decision came after he shared a heart to heart with Kush.

Fear for Kat Slater's life as Ben Mitchell learns truth about revenge snitching

Kush advised Martin to get a handle on his own emotions first before he tries to help Ruby.

Martin then spoke to Stacey and told her he didn’t need her to protect him anymore - and that Ruby was his priority now.

Stacey looked devastated as Martin told her they’d be civil for the kids but that they were done - and for good this time.

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